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Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian Warrior

Soul of Chogokin GX-95 Gordian Warrior

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Gordian, the mighty robot from "Gordian Warrior," gets a Chogokin Damashii release at last!

This amazing set comes with a posable figure of Daigo Otaki, the main character, complete with his mechanical leopard Clint. Daigo fits into the Protessor robot, which can be equipped with the Gordian Bomb and Green Light Sword; the Protessor then fits into the Delinger mecha, with its Magnum Bunch axe and Red Light Sword; and finally, Delinger fits inside the Garbin! Garbin is fully posable even when he's united with all his other parts, and he features two interchangeable faces: an early version and a later design. The height difference between each mecha is reproduced as accurately as possible, and a special base is included to display all three robots together with Daigo and Clint, as well as their weapons.


・ Daigo Otaki
・ Clint
・ Protector
・ Delinger
・ Garbin
・ Gordian Bomb x 2
・ Bomb drill / green light sword common pattern
・ Bomb drill blade
・ Green light sword blade
・ Left and right weapon holders for protectors
・ Left hand holding bomb for protector
・ Magnum bunch
・ Red light sword
・ Left and right weapon holders for Delinger
・ Garbin replacement face parts
・ Shine Sheld
・ Mighty Libor
・ Libor sword tip (shuriken)
・ Duke screw
・ Brass knuckles base
・ White light sword
・ Foot missile x 2
・ Weapon holding left and right hands A
・ Weapon holding left and right hands B
・ Half-bent flat hand left and right
· Pedestal set

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