Q: How do I become eligible return customer?
A: We will qualify your account if you have three running pre-orders (all of which are with deposits), or have bought an on hand item, or have bought from us from an event/convention.

Q: I made an error with my order as I’m checking out my cart on the website, can I change the order detials?
A: Unfortunately, you cannot edit these yourself. Contact us for changes such as delivery address changes or meetup changes

Q: There’s an item I want to order/pre-order, but it’s not in your website or facebook page
A: We sometimes miss out on posting other items or brands that is up for pre-order, do ask if you have an item in mind. We also accept proxy orders, contact us to discuss about the item you want.

Q: I missed the Pre-Order deadline! can I still place my pre-order for the item?
A: We have marked items past the deadline date that you can still pre-order with EXTRA-SLOT. However, it will not be offered at a discounted price.

Q: I see pictures of you attending conventions, can I pickup my orders from there?
A: Yes! do inform on our facebook page a week before the event so we can ready your item for you.

Q: The item I pre-ordered still haven’t arrived, and it’s way past the posted ETA date! What’s up with that?!
A: Sometimes delay occurs from port congestion. Sometimes we just plain forget about updating release date delays from manufacturers (sorry, that’s our bad). For concerns about your items, please do not hesitate to contact us on our facebook page

Q: I will be out of the country and won’t be able to collect my pre-orders by their ETA, do you mind keeping them for me until I get back?
A: We do not mind keeping your items in the warehouse for an extended period of time as long as you have your items paid upon arrival

Q: When I pre-ordered an item, I indicated shipping. But now that it has arrived, I want to pick it up during a convention you are attending or maybe even drive by your warehouse. Is this possible?
A: Yes, please do contact us for changes on your end

Q: You guys just told me my order has been cancelled?! What’s up with that?!
A: Suppliers and Manufacturers will often offer an item for pre-order but will require a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). If they do not reach their target number, they may cancel their regional offer. When this happens, we can source your pre-order outside of the country but it may cost more.

Q: I just made a deposit for my pre-order but it got cancelled, will you refund me my money?
A: Yes, we can also convert your deposit into store credits

Q: I can no longer commit to buying my pre-ordered items due to unforseen cicumstances. What will happen to my order?
A: We will give you a leeway of 2 weeks to settle your payments, should you still be able to bounce back. We do however reserve the right to deny refunding your pre-order deposit. Please see Terms and Conditions