Terms and Conditions

Last updated October 17, 2023

Buyer (Customer)

  • Seller will not honor returns or exchange unless an item bought is with factory defects.
  • Pre-orders cannot be cancelled after the pre-order period. Cancellation after the pre-order period may result in a permanent ban and/or denial of any and all services.
  • No down payments are required for pre-order unless explicitly indicated. International customers must pay in full before the pre-order deadline to secure an order.
  • Local/International shipping fees to be shouldered by Buyer.
  • Local/International shipping fees to be insured by Buyer at Buyer’s cost and option.
  • Pre-order balance must be paid on the indicated due dates where indicated. There will be an allotment of 5 working days after pre-purchased item arrives at Seller to settle said balance. Should Buyer fail to settle after this period, Seller will advertise Buyer’s pre-purchased item for sale.
  • Should Buyer not receive any form of confirmation upon payment submission in a span of 5 working days, Buyer may follow up via Seller’s contacts.
  • Buyer is entitled to a full refund, if dissatisfied, should Seller fail to confirm payment within 5 working days
  • Buyer will be notified if a pre-ordered item’s release date changes, which also pushes due date for settling balance.
  • Buyer is entitled to a refund should any of the following occur: Seller cancels an order, seller fails to fulfill or fails to deliver an order.
  • Back-orders, special orders and proxy orders must be paid half of quoted price to secure the order. The other half must be paid upon arrival to secure shipping or hand over.

Seller (OtakuHobbiToys PH)

  • Seller has a time frame of 5 working days for items to be shipped upon payment confirmation of on-hand goods.
  • Seller has a time frame of 5 working days to ship new arrival (pre-order or back order) of items with confirmed payment .
  • Seller is not responsible for any damages caused by accidents/handling incurred by local and/or international shipping.
  • Seller is entitled to forfeit Buyer’s down payment and deny Buyer of services should the following occur: Buyer decides to cancel pre-order prior to release, Buyer fails to settle order balance before its due.
  • In the event of Manufacturer shortage, Seller will prioritize orders on a first come first served basis.
  • Seller is liable to return or exchange products that substantiate factory defect
  • Seller will not entertain box damages unless it has affected the actual contents of the box.
  • Seller is responsible for treating products with utmost care up until it is handed over to Buyer or Buyer’s courier of choice.


  • Term refers to placing a reservation on an item before it becomes available, with the understanding that it will be shipped later.
  • Items checked out in this website are pre-ordered.
  • Release dates may be subject to delays for any unforeseen circumstances  (i.e. manufacturers pushing the release date; congested ports causing delays in arrivals, etc.)


*Terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice. By purchasing or availing service from Seller, it is with assumption that Buyer has read and agreed to the above.