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[REISSUE] Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl HRESVELGR=ATER

[REISSUE] Kotobukiya Frame Arms Girl HRESVELGR=ATER

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The latest addition to the spin-off of Kotobukiya’s original robot model kit series Frame Arms is FRAME ARMS GIRL HRESVELGR=ATER.

This model brings to life an illustration by E-ji Komatsu that re-imagines Tomotake Kinoshita’s transformable Frame Arms design as a cute young girl.

Enjoy switching between the three forms, faithfully adapted from the transforming Frame Arms original.

Model Specifications:
• HRESVELGR’s most prominent feature — the clear parts — are coated with a polarized paint.
• ATER’s feature is the giant “Beryl Smasher” weapons. She even has arm rack parts to support these giants.
• The wings transform into the new Beryl Smasher weapons, giving the model a whole new silhouette even when in aircraft mode.
• Can transform into three modes: Normal mode, Sidewinder mode, and Airbike mode.
• Includes a newly designed blonde twintails hair style. Includes two hair clips: One based on the illustration and one based on the lightly armed version.
• Includes four different face types. All except the unpainted version are newly designed. (Normal face looking left, fearless face looking right, taking damage face looking forward, blank face (no tampography)).
• Three of the face parts come pre-painted, so just assembling the kit creates a model faithful to the original art.
• Includes decals for the distinctive line patterns as well as eye and facial expression decals.

• The extendable shoulder joint and axis in the upper-arm offer an extensive range of movement.
• Together with the sliding movement of the hip joint, the model can be posed in a wide variety of dynamic ways.
• The wrists are articulated with spherical joints that allow for a variety of poses.
• Includes five different PVC hands for each arm. The hands, including joints, can be interchanged with those of the existing Frame Arms Girl series.
• Includes an MB-42R Flying Base R.
• Includes two types of grip parts with 3mm diameter.
• The model can be displayed in Unarmed Mode by exchanging parts.
• The 3mm connection points on the arms and legs are compatible with gear from the M.S.G and Frame Arms series.
• The tail-shaped parts on the lower back can be equipped to the hands to form a cannon. And the blade parts on the left and right of the tail-shaped parts can be removed and equipped in the hands to be used as weapons.

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