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[REISSUE] Kaiyodo Marvel Comics Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.003 Venom

[REISSUE] Kaiyodo Marvel Comics Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.003 Venom

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The world-popular villain "Venom" comes in the Amazing Yamaguchi series!

Venom's body has surpassed the size of a normal human being and almost looks like it's about to burst! Its powerful physique turned into a mass of muscles is faithfully recreated. The Amazing Yamaguchi Venom features an overwhelming volume, out-of-the-ordinary expressions and an articulation range that you would never think possible for such a big figure!

The silhouette of Venom's thick muscles and the blood vessels all over them have been depicted in detail. Large joints, ball joints and hinges are used extensively to support his heavy body, allowing you to pose him without issues.
You will surely be surprised to see the wide articulation range of this figure.

By dividing the shoulder blades it's possible to project the arm forward without interfering with the thick chest.
Since the shoulder blades are connected with ball joints, they can be moved in any direction.

The large fingers connected to his thick arms are all articulated.
You can put Venom in lots of different positions, among which roaring towards the sky and pointing his finger at his nemesis Spidey.

Washing paint has been used on Venom's distinctive split mouth, capturing his abnormal aspect.
His jaw can be opened and closed, and thanks to the joint at the base of his tongue you can position the tongue how you prefer.

The option face is replaced in a very easy way, by changing the whole head. A face with one eye evidently distorted, as if he's targeting his prey, is included. The Symbiote parts infesting his body all have joints of the same size, allowing you to attach them to many different points.

By connecting the Symbiote parts to each other you can recreate his stretched out arm like in the comics.
You can also reproduce him with the Symbiote at the end of his arm.
There are 4 holes on his back, making it possible to attach the Symbiote there too.
Thanks to the Revoltech common joints, it's possible to obtain lots of variations when combining Venom with the Symbiote.

Articulation Points: 47
Joints Used: 22 (10mm joint x5, 8mm joint x2, 8mm special joint x2, 6mm joint x9, 6mm double joint x1, with barb 4mm joint x3)

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