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[REISSUE] Kaiyodo Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.019 All Might – My Hero Academia

[REISSUE] Kaiyodo Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.019 All Might – My Hero Academia

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Symbol of peace All- might Yamaguchi-style movable "I came!"

An invincible hero who put an end to the chaos of villains who abused "individuality".
Almight, the master who made Izuku Midoriya a longing hero and who found him as the successor to One for All, became the second Amazing Yamaguchi of the popular comic `` My Hero Academia '' !!

The invincible body with overwhelming power that changes the weather with one punch rolled out is three-dimensionalized with the maximum volume of Amazing Yamaguchi.
The macho body wrapped in a costume that resembles an American comic hero is a perfect subject for Yamaguchi-style movement.

A thick punch plate is divided into both sides so that the entire shoulder can be moved back and forth so that the arm can be pulled back and the arm can be pushed forward. Express powerfully!
With the combination of a ball joint and mono-shaft in the lower half of the body, the hip joint that opens a large leg and the moving part in the shin part that can deform the human body are deformed, allowing a dynamic stepping and jumping pose.
You can enjoy the "Plus Ultra!" Battle of No.1 heroes and all-mights with the effect parts that make the shock wave generated by punching and stepping into three-dimensional!

-The costume design that differs depending on the times reproduces the vivid tricolor "Golden Age" with red and white lines on the blue suit and yellow on the limbs and belt. The highlight is not only the swelling of the muscles, but also the molding of the bangs that jumps up into the trademark V shape.
-In a comic, only one person has a deeply engraved face drawn with thick American comic lines, and you can change the gaze of the eyes that shine sharply in the black solid with a gimmick that replaces the eyes. Six types of eye parts are included, including no glare, and you can use different eyes depending on the pose.
・ Almite, which is in the process of failing after handing over its power to Ideku, will increase in scenes where it suffers from powerful enemies. There are four types of face parts that can be exchanged, in addition to the reliable normal face that does not always smile, the angry face, and the expression that makes you sweat with impatience and bleeds from the end of your mouth.
-Plenty of replacement wrist parts, thumb-up hands, clasped hands, and hands that can also be used for chops, such as hands and grasping hands like heroic battles and gestures for definite poses, as well as peace signs are available. You can use it as a little messy figure, not forgetting the fan service that gives people peace of mind as a symbol of peace.
-Shock wave effect parts that can be attached to the wrist or ankle. You can use the three included accessories for each limb, or combine them into a circle to create a more powerful effect. Combine the two types of "SMASH!" And "SMAASH" drawn character effect sheets to create various styles of special moves!

© Kohei Horikoshi / Shueisha / My Hero Academia Production Committee
* The image shown is a sample at the time of development and may differ from the actual product. Please note.

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