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PLUM 1/7 Alisa Irinichina Amiera GOD EATER RESONANT OPS Ver.

PLUM 1/7 Alisa Irinichina Amiera GOD EATER RESONANT OPS Ver.

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From "GOD EATER RESONANT OPS", "Alisa Irinichina Amiera" has been made into a figure in the Far East branch, acting as a branch manager!

Based on an illustration drawn by Mr. Koichi Itakura of BANDAI NAMCO Studio who was in charge of character design, it is thoroughly reproduced under the full supervision of the development team.
Unlike the previous figure with a sacred machine, we have reproduced a scene where you are sitting in a chair and resting at the branch.
Alisa's expression is also finished with a dignified face with plenty of dignity and plenty of time.
Even with the overall shape, I carefully made the balance of the legs, the texture of the tights, the metal fittings of the clothes even when I was sitting.
The long coat with gold decorations is draped everywhere, and the majestic appearance of sitting in a majestic chair is spectacular.
The figure body and chair will be fixed with magnets, so you can enjoy it at any angle of 360 degrees.

* The image is different from the actual product because it is under supervision.

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