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Kaiyodo Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.017 Wonder Woman

Kaiyodo Figure Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No.017 Wonder Woman

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Enchanted with gorgeous beauty and strong body! Wonder Woman, famous as Trinity of DC along with Superman and Batman, appears in Amazing Yamaguchi!

A figure of the world's first female superhero Wonder Woman, which boasts the top popularity among DC heroes, in the REBIRTH version!

-The movement of the body line, which is sexy and strong, has been trained to dynamically express the medieval style of fighting with a sword and a shield by combining the ball joint and the elaborate axis movement unique to Katsuhisa Yamaguchi.

-Three types of face parts are included: a normal face that ties the lips and glares, a charming smiling face, and a shouting face that unleashes his fighting spirit. Equipped with a movable gimmick for all eyes, you can freely direct your gaze.

-The long wavy black hair can be moved by dividing the lower part to the left and right, and you can express the appearance of the hair fluttering in the wind and the appearance of the hair standing upside down.

-Red and blue coloring and gold decoration are also dazzling. In the comic version costume, a cloak shaped with a realistic figure fluttering in the wind is also made with separate parts. It also comes with a wealth of weapon parts such as metallic swords and shields, and the "True Lasso" that can be held in both hands.

-Two types of effect parts that represent shooting and hitting can be attached to the indestructible bracelet. You can enjoy the appearance as a super heroine with the ability to not only defeat the enemy but also protect it, as well as posing.

-Main figure
-Optional hand part x3 sets (grabbing hand, reaching hand, open hand)
-Optional face part x2 types (smiling face, shouting face)
-Effect part x2 types x2 sets
-Lasso of Truth x2
-Neck part (for when equipping the cape part)

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