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F:NEX 1/8 Ainz Ooal Gown Yukata ver.

F:NEX 1/8 Ainz Ooal Gown Yukata ver.

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Even in a Yukata he has the dignified appearance of a ruler.

From the ultimate dark fantasy "Overlord III" comes Ainz Ooal Gown in a grand Yukata.
The image of Ainz on date with Albedo at a summer festival displayed at Anime Japan 2019 is now a 1/8 scale figure.
The complex pattern on the Yukata even is carefully recreated. Ainz's body is painted using shadow and gradation techniques while the ring and red gem in the stomach are also accurately sculpted and painted.
The head is articulated with a ball joint. It also includes accessories like a bath bucket containing a towel and soap for an element of playfulness.
Be sure to add this figure of Ainz, still looking a dignified ruler even dressed in a Yukata, to your collection.

Ainz' magnificent form is sculpted and painted with great care
The complexity of the bones making up Ainz-sama's body are sculpted with care into the figure. The painting skillfully uses shadowing and color gradation so that even when wearing a Yukata it gives off the atmosphere of a dignified ruler.

Even the ring, red gem, and Yukata's interior are sculpted
The rings worn on both fingers and the red gem in the stomach are carefully included in the sculpting and painting along with the visible interior of the Yukata.
The bath bucket carried has accessories like a towel and soap for an element of playfulness.

Looks supreme at any angle
Wearing a Yukata and geta sandals, and carrying a bath bucket Ainz-sama is perfectly equipped for a summer festival and looks supreme from any angle.

Welcome this figure as set with Albedo to your collection

*Albedo is not included but sold separately.

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