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F:NEX 1/7 Ram & Rem Osanabi no Omohide

F:NEX 1/7 Ram & Rem Osanabi no Omohide

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Ram and Rem have been turned into figures in their childhood appearance shown in the anime's episode 11!

The proud Ram, considered a child prodigy of the oni race, and the timid Rem are recreated with contrasting expressions and poses to capture their different personalities. They are so cute with their innocent features and delicate kimono that you will want to hug them! Their slightly transparent front bangs are made of clear material.

In addition, front hair parts with a horn are also included to reproduce their oni forms! The kimono are painted with a subtle gradation. The bases are in the image of tatami mats to match their attire and are decorated with balls in Ram and Rem's respective colors.

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