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Desktop Army F-666d Valca Series (Flare Dragoon Salvage Spec.)

Desktop Army F-666d Valca Series (Flare Dragoon Salvage Spec.)

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In 2018 the Desktop Army F-606s Flare Series became a record breaking crowdfunding project by passing its funding goal by over 500%. This new series is the enemy forces that have salvaged the Flare Dragoon for their own use - the F-666d Valca Series!

The set includes six adorable figures all designed by Kenki Fujioka each with their own impressive arsenal parts! These weapons can all be combined together to transform into either the powerful "Mode Volpertinga" or "Mode Marchear". The set also includes a set of six postcards featuring original illustrations by Kenki Fujioka.

The series is of course compatible with all previously released figures in the Desktop Army series, so you can also mix and match for all sorts of options! The possibilities are limitless! Create your very own army to brighten up your desktop with some extra cuteness!

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