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Aniplex+ 1/7 Azuzu Komagome Swimsuit Ver

Aniplex+ 1/7 Azuzu Komagome Swimsuit Ver

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From the TV anime Warlords of Sigrdrifa, Azuzu Komagome makes her debut in a swimsuit!

Based on an original illustration drawn by Takuya Fujima, Azuzu’s beauty has been fully realized. The delicate coloring not only shows her soft skin with shades on the tummy and legs, but also gives her bright skin a sense of transparency. The swimsuit and hoodie are made with cat ears and paws, which is Azuzu’s favorite! You can also enjoy the figure in 360 degrees and see her from angles that cannot be seen in the illustration.
Clear parts are used to faithfully recreate the pale colors on Azuzu’s fluttering hair. Her cheerful red cheeks and shy facial expressions are a must-see!

Small items such as the water gun and her sandals are also built with attention to details, you will never get tired of looking at this figure! The pedestal has a stylish finish that uses the character’s colors.

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