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Amazing Yamaguchi No.016 War machine

Amazing Yamaguchi No.016 War machine

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Black steel high-tech suit! Use the recombination armed weapons to destroy the whole body armed gimmick! War Machine appears in Amazing Yamaguchi!

In addition to the shape of the body line that incorporates the bending and twisting of the human body even within the mechanical ugliness of War Machine, the Yamaguchi-type movable is added to make it three-dimensional.
It gives the expression of powerful poses from intense action to quiet standing. In addition to the combination of a movable joint and a ball joint, the shoulder joint can move both arms back and forth thanks to the structure in which both sides of the chest slide.
Both legs, which are slightly thicker than the Iron Man of the same series, have a wide range of motion by combining the ball joint of the hip joint and the monoshaft movable by the diagonal axis of the thigh.
The combination of high-tech armor and live-modern modern weapons expresses a solid and hard feeling by highlighting the edged mechanical details with a soothing black and silver metallic paint that suppresses luster.

Modern weapons installed throughout the body adopt the familiar recombination armed gimmicks in the series. Depending on the combination of heavy weapons for whole body weapons, you can enjoy a variety of weapons.

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