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ALTER 1/7 Asuna GGO Ver.

ALTER 1/7 Asuna GGO Ver.

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From "Sword Art Online Alization", "Asuna" has appeared in the costume of gun and steel VRMMO "Gungale Online (GGO)".
She was shown to fight with a skillful swordsman in the game, and she was made into a three-dimensional figure with a powerful pose, holding a weapon with a generous smile.

The inner, which has a deep magenta color contrasting with the white of armor and coat, has a soft finish due to ribs and wrinkles. The hair that flutters as you twist your upper body and the hem of the coat that flutters while wavy are powerful.
The eyes are densely colored, and the sharp eyebrows are dignified. The hair that has been put together in a sign is finished with a lustrous look thanks to gradation.

We also paid attention to the difference in texture between the various parts such as the pearl white chest armor, the metallic luster of the belt metal fittings and buttons, and the softness of the skin and inner shadow expression.
The weapon for close-up combat, Photon Sword, has clear parts with a luminous effect expressed by gradation painting, and the detailed details of the handle have a strong presence.

The waist pouch, armor, and other equipment with a sense of survival unique to Gun Gale Online (GGO) are also highlights.

The flow of the tips of the hair is carefully shaped, and there is also a delicate expression of hair bundles, which is spectacular. With a sharp shape and coloring, it has become a gorgeous item even though it is cool.

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