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Alpha Omega Sheryl Nome Gorgeous Ver.

Alpha Omega Sheryl Nome Gorgeous Ver.

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In the collaboration brand “Alpha Omega” of Megahouse and Alter, the galactic fairy “Sheryl Nome” from “Macross F (Frontier)” has appeared.
Inspired by "Sheryl Nome" 's song "Go ~~ Jas", the magical Arabian night view of the world has been three-dimensionalized in approximately 1/7 size.
The modeling and coloring, such as facial expressions, hairstyles, and accessories, are particular about the details, and the outstanding proportions are realistically reproduced.
Butterfly-inspired see-through costumes and lying poses create a lustrous appeal.
Please enjoy "Sheryl Nome Go ~~ Jass Ver." From "Macros F", which is still popular for over 10 years since the broadcast.

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