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Soul of Chogokin GX-93 Pirate Spaceship the Arcadia

Soul of Chogokin GX-93 Pirate Spaceship the Arcadia

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If you like it, get on this boat! The strongest space pirate battleship Arcadia, launched with the Soul of Chogokin!

The space pirate battleship Arcadia that appears in the space roman monument "Space Pirate Captain Harlock" is a powerful size of about 430 mm at Soul of Chogokin!
The characteristic style hull is reproduced with beautiful sculpture and painting expression. Equipped with a speaker and a voice IC, seven songs in the play, including the theme song "Captain Harlock" sung by Ichiro Mizuki,
Haruo's voice actor, late Makio Inoue's valuable speech is recorded from the TV series sound at that time. Reproduce the romance of the universe by playing in combination with the sound effects in the play!
It is the ultimate item that is packed with gimmicks unique to the Arcadia, such as the light emission of various parts of the hull and the development of the "angle" of the bow.
The signal lights on both sides of the bridge will flash red with the LED.
The port side opens and closes, and the central computer inside emits light.
Two turrets can be turned by operating the infrared remote control! Seven in-play songs, Harlock lines, and sound effects will be heard!
Includes 1 shipborne Cosmo Wing and 3 Space Wolfs.
Equipped with a gimmick that expands the "angle" from the bow!
LED lights on four light sources on the port side and eight on the ship's bottom! The lower hatch of the ship opens and closes. Can be equipped with a carrier-based aircraft.
The window of the stern, which emphasizes the image of a "pirate ship", illuminates with LED fluctuations. The two engine nozzles also emit light with different strengths according to the lines and sound effects.
The theme song "Captain Harlock" song: Ichiro Mizuki, insertion song "Susarai no Funauta" song: Columbia male voice chorus, ending song "War no Tabidachi" song: Ichiro Mizuki, and 4 more BGM songs in the play !
Captain Harlock's voice: Makio Inoue's dialogue voice in TV animation and sound effects in the play are also installed, and it is possible to play music, dialogue, and sound effects in any combination from the built-in speaker.

-the Arcadia figure
-Display base
-Naval Aircraft Cosmo Wing
-Naval Aircraft Space Wolf x3
-Remote control

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